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W h a t   T o   E x p e c t

What should you expect when you agree to a contract with a security company?

Security is defined as "the quality or state of being secure; freedom from danger or loss".
Danger can include fire, natural disaster, criminal activity or other unforeseen threats.
Loss can mean anything from loss of property to loss of life.

Since the word security means so much, shouldn't you expect more than "just" a guard? At
Titan Shield Security we believe that you should.

Y o u r   N e e d s   A r e   I m p o r t a n t   T o   U s

We would like for you to know that your needs are of the utmost importance to us. Should our services be required, we will provide the necessary components for the proper execution of our objectives as they pertain to your needs.

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T h e   O b j e c t i v e s

These are just a few of the objectives we will initiate upon request of our services. Keep in mind, objectives can be added or deleted in accordance to your individual needs.

S e c u r i t y   R e s p o n s e

Titan Shield Security can provide a special division of our company known as SECURITY RESPONSE. Security Response is devised of trained officers with extensive knowledge of the security field as it applies to personal, public, and private property.

These officers are trained in various skills of field operation. In addition, the officers retain the skills that allow them to execute proper detainment procedures, as well as the ability and capability to act quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation such as a natural disaster, fire, medical condition, break-in, etc.


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