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T r a i n i n g

The extent to which a company trains and supervises its' personnel determines whether they provide professional security officers or "just" a guard.

Titan Shield Security starts by only hiring the top applicants. We then place candidates through a comprehensive instructional program which includes 40 hours of in-depth training (depending on the potential new hires experience and previous training) utilizing instructional videos and security manuals.

A l l   O f f i c e r s   A r e   T r a i n e d

During orientation all officers are trained in:

Report Writing    Interview Techniques    Patrol Procedures

Appropriate Use of Force    Traffic Control Procedures

Equipment Familiarization    Ethics & Code of Conduct

Communications Procedures    Techniques of Detainment and Control

Company Policies & Procedures    Public Relations & Customer Service

Standards of Appearance & Professionalism    Legal Aspects of Security

Observation Techniques & Crime Prevention

Safety Awareness & OSHA Safety Compliance

C o n t i n u a l   T r a i n i n g

After training, all new hires are placed on a 90-day to 6-month probation period. Following the probation period, a performance evaluation is done which will be the final test of their skills and will determine whether or not we hire them permanently.

Titan Shield Security enforces continual training and updates, including mock scenarios involving local enforcement agencies. Regular staff meetings are held as well as meetings to address any situations that have arisen during our security assignments.


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