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S e r v i c e s

Titan Shield Security can provide security services tailored to meet your security needs.

We can provide these following services at a very affordable rate:

Armed or Unarmed Uniformed  Officers

Fully-equipped marked/unmarked Patrol Vehicles

Nightly Patrols

Plainclothes Officers

Escort Employees and/or Visitors

Loss Prevention

Video Surveillance Monitoring

Event Security

Regular Inspections of Fire Safety Equipment

Maintain Visitor Log Book & after-hour Employees

Controlled Access - Enforce Procedures - ID Badges

Emergency Preparedness


All patrol vehicles are equipped with two-way radios and standard emergency equipment.


S e r v i n g   P u e b l o   S i n c e   1 9 7 6

Serving Pueblo & surrounding communities since 1976, Titan Shield Security is a private, family-owned company. We provide a quality service at an affordable rate. We have a strong desire to serve people who know us and our name remains synonymous with professionalism and integrity.



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