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C u s t o m e r   S e r v i c e  -  2 4  h o u r s  a  d a y

Customer service is always #1 at Titan Shield Security. Our management team is on call 24 hours a day and is ready with answers to any of your security needs.

E M E R G E N C Y   R E S P O N S E : When we are notified that a client is in need of additional officers, the patrol supervisor will be dispatched immediately to cover until the standby officer replaces the patrol supervisor. Our clients state that our responsiveness to security alerts and management's responsiveness to their needs and concerns put us far above the competition.

C l i e n t ' s   S e t u p

When starting a new account the procedures are as follows:

The client signs the contract and establishes a start date.

We complete a security survey of the client's facilities with recommendations for maximum security.

Account managers and supervisors are trained on post procedures along with actual working experience on the job.

All necessary equipment, policies, procedures, and paperwork are in place and properly accounted.

Once the account is started there will always be constant supervision and ongoing training to ensure quality control.

Setup procedures may vary if contract is a short-term contract or client has special needs.



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