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Y o u r   S h i e l d   o f   P r o t e c t i o n

Titan Shield Security
can provide a full range of security services at any level you require. We offer extensively trained, uniformed, armed and unarmed security officers, along with uniformed patrol services.

We are dedicated to providing a consistent level of service that will exceed your security requirements as well as
exceeding your expectations.

S e c u r i t y   Y o u   C a n   C o u n t   O n

Serving Pueblo & surrounding communities since 1976, Titan Shield Security is a private, family-owned company. We provide a quality service at an affordable rate. We have a strong desire to serve people who know us and our name remains synonymous with professionalism and integrity.

O u r   C o m m i t m e n t

Our greatest strength lies in our commitment to our staff and client's excellence. We hold ourselves to higher standards: higher standards of accomplishment, higher standards of customer service, and higher standards from all our employees.

We are totally committed to furnish the
best service and value to our customers. This committed attitude applies to all individual customers as well as to the businesses that have chosen us to look after their interests.

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A b o u t   T h e   O w n e r

Jim Gonzales truly loves the career he's made of offering protection and security services to people and businesses in the Pueblo community. For many, the transition to a defensive-living mindset has been difficult, but for Jim, it's just an additional aspect of hometown security, the concept on which his business has thrived since 1976.

His first offices outside his home were at 544 E. Abriendo St. Later, Titan moved to an office space in Pueblo's Union Depot, staying there until November 2002, when the company moved to the current suite at Central Pueblo Center.

Jim said his clients are comfortable because he treats them like a family, taking a personal interest in their security needs and spending time in the field making sure those needs are met.

"The biggest thing I want is to be the extra eyes and ears of law enforcement. We're kind of a step above a regular citizen, so we're better trained to observe and recognize things, and that's what I like about Pueblo. People here want a safe community, and they're willing to help in any way they can."

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